Bergamo and Brescia, the 2023 Italian capital of culture

Two cities and a project to grow together

Brescia and Bergamo have been chosen as the 2023 Italian Capitals of Culture in recognition of their artistic and cultural heritage, innovation, and care in their development. These two neighboring cities have rediscovered their similarities and have chosen to grow together.
Bergamo and Brescia are ancient lands that enclose in attractive landscapes, their archaic testimonies, folkloristic heritages, dialects, popular festivals and typical dishes. These are lands of warm, hardworking people and who are always inclined towards sharing, innovation and relaunching their identity.

Discover our proposals

Brescia city of art

Visit the center, discover the Unesco sites of Brescia and the oldest part of the city

Brescia and its province

Walk along the lakefront of Iseo and Garda, explore Franciacorta and Val Camonica

Brescia food and wine

Taste the typical dishes of the Brescia cuisine accompanied by a good Franciacorta wine

Bergamo and its treasures

Upper Town and Lower Town: discover the main squares and monuments of Bergamo

Bergamo and its province

Explore the castles of Bergamo, Val Brembana and Lake Iseo

Bergamo gastronomic features

Taste the culinary excellence of Bergamo and the flavors of tradition

Mille Miglia

Uniqueness, Passion and Competition: take part into the historic vintage car race.
The 1000 Miglia passes through scenery and unique views of the most picturesque Italy. A race that involves a variable itinerary Brescia-Rome and back, where only cars built between 1927 and 1957 can participate. The punching, the starting parade, the most significant stages or the arrival. Choose your itinerary and take part into the “most beautiful race in the world”!